Nice to meet you.
Lisa Bun | Co-Founder, Designer

Hello there! I went to Columbia College Chicago where I studied graphic design and earned my expensive piece of paper (a.k.a. Bachelor’s Degree). After going from intern to employee to freelancer, I decided to start this company with Rob and now here we are, working together to create great designs and to make clients happy.

Collision is a place where we collaborate creatively, and make great ideas come to life. We are not just another design company, we're extremely dedicated to producing absolutely killer work for our clients. Our experience and knowledge have gotten us here and we'll use that to bring you success as well.

I was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois. Currently, I live and work in Chicago. You can usually find me sitting behind my Mac, sipping on tea, and challenging myself with the latest project that has come our way. Now that we're acquainted, let's collide!

Rob Loukotka | Co-Founder, Designer

Collision is about building things, things that work flawlessly, things that kick ass. We have an enormous wealth of talent and resources, and we're always on the lookout for something to build. Ideas come and go, but we're all about acting on those ideas here.

I'm a graphic designer, web designer, developer, photographer, painter, motion graphics artist... I like tools. I like using every available visual resource to make original, powerful art. More importantly, I like making things with and for other people. That's why I started this company with Lisa, and that's why I work with my clients everyday.

I've been an artist in Ann Arbor, MI, a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a well-rounded design professional in Chicago. Now I'm here co-captaining this company, so come build stuff with us!

Check out my design blog: Fringe Focus

Josh Stoik | Developer

I broke the first computer I was given access to.Then, naturally enough, I proceeded to break it repeatedly. It was all part of my brilliantly evil plan to figure out how it worked. And I did. I was able to gradually move toward more constructive avenues and began writing small programs to perform useful or entertaining tasks. The programming languages I started with have, of course, long since been retired to the history books, but others, better, have taken their place. I now develop complex and custom web applications with my wife, Tiffany, and our two domesticated dingos, Dagon and Deilos.

Tiffany Stoik | Developer

I entered the wide world of Web development as a teenager, making Diaryland templates for other teenage girls. From then on I was committed to helping people communicate and connect with others on the Web. I moved on from Diaryland to an open-source blogging software called Greymatter, which was popular in the early 2000s. Now I focus on helping individuals and companies define themselves on the Internet with free and open-source technologies like WordPress and Drupal.

Zach Fuhr | Design Intern

Hello, I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and craft enthusiast. I love the art of the hand-made and try to apply that to my design work as often as possible. I graduated from the Art Institute of Schaumburg with a bachelors degree in graphic design. Upon graduating I worked as an intern and freelancer before stumbling into Collision Labs where you can now find me at my desk drawing, doodling, and creating awesome stuff.

Albert Huynh | Marketing Intern

Hi, I’m Albert and I am the Collision Labs Marketing Intern. I studied marketing at DePaul University. Even though my degree is in marketing, I have spent my free time dabbling in graphic design. So unlike your typical businessman, I know the difference between a vector and a bitmap. That knowledge helps me quite a bit around here at Collisions Labs.